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Starting in 2010 we began updating our fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles. CNG burns cleaner and quieter than diesel.

Ahead of the Curve

Pride Disposal Waste Collection Truck We purchase the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment available in order to serve you better and give you the competitive rates and great service you deserve.

  • Pride owns and maintains a fleet of over 40 trucks which are some of the most sophisticated on the road today. We have trucks suited for every type of collection and hauling that we do.
  • Pride was one of the first haulers in Washington County to fully automate solid waste collection. From inside the cab, each driver controls the mechanical arm that reaches out, picks up, and dumps the curbside roll carts.
  • There are five different computer systems onboard these trucks. They run everything from transmissions and engines to a mobile recording system that requires 2 GPS units. Routeware® system tells our drivers exactly what and where the next pick-up is, replacing paper route sheets with electronic data now fed directly to our office software.
  • For safety and better customer service, five to six video cameras are mounted on each truck with a driver monitor. One camera is aimed toward the collection area, one at the truck's blind spot, one at the rear, one looks in the hopper to see what is coming out of the container, and one is aimed at the driver. What the camera views is digitally recorded for future reference.
  • Since 2006, we have been using bio-fuels to operate all of our vehicles and equipment. Starting in 2010 we began updating our fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates CNG reduces particulate matter emissions by 86 percent, carbon monoxide emissions by 80 percent, nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 32 percent, and greenhouse emissions by 25 percent. As an additional benefit, CNG trucks run 50 percent quieter than diesel trucks.
  • The compaction bodies on our trucks use some of the same electronics and hydraulic controls that are used in the F-16 jets.
  • Our vehicles operate with synthetic Hydrotex® Hydrosynthetic™ fluids and food-grade lubricants to eliminate known carcinogens, substantially reduce harmful exhaust emissions, increase fuel economy, increase the life and performance of our engines, and conserve valuable natural resources.

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