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Curbside Collection Schedule
Go to Residential Recycling for information on recycling services available.


Welcome Residential Customers!

  • To set-up service, please call our office at 503-625-6177 or email us.
  • Office Hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm

Roll cart sizes: We offer four sizes of roll carts for your garbage: 20-, 32-, 60-, and 90-gallons. We will discuss with you what size roll cart you'd like to start with. If you need a smaller or larger size, please call our office.

Bag your garbage and place in your garbage cart. Bagging helps keep garbage from blowing around during the collection process, which helps keep your neighborhood clean, and helps prevent odor in your cart.

Extra garbage & fees: Your service is charged based on volume. Any extra material that does not fit within your cart (closed lid) may generate an extra charge when collected. If you use a personal can for extra material, it must be no greater than 32 gallons in size and 60 lbs. in weight. If you have items too big to fit in your containers (furniture, appliances, etc.), we can pick them up for a reasonable fee (ask for Bulky Item service).

False-bottom insert: Your garbage cart may have an insert (false bottom) to reduce its capacity to your service level.Pride Trash and Recycling Curbside Cans and Bins The insert must stay in the cart. If you need more garbage capacity, please let us know.


Roll carts and Bins...
Pride-supplied containers: You will soon receive your garbage roll cart, blue lidded recycling cart, and 1 red bin. Those in participating areas will also receive a yard debris roll cart.

Place containers curbside by 6am: If your garbage, yard debris, or recycling containers aren't curbside by 6:00 am of your pick-up day, your driver may pass you by.

Missed pick-ups: If for any reason your cart is not emptied by the end of your scheduled collection day, please notify our office.

Where to place your carts: The automated arms on our trucks require certain placement:

  • Carts should have 5 feet of clearance on each side (if you can walk between carts without touching them you've left adequate space)
  • Set all containers within 5 feet of the road for pick-up
  • Point carts with the lid opening toward the street (check arrows on top of lid)
  • 18 feet of overhead clearance.
  • Keep clear of parked vehicles, mailboxes, basketball hoops, trees, etc.

Container identification: All containers are property of Pride Disposal and each (except red bins) has a serial number registered to your account. Please keep track of them, as you are responsible for their use and return.

Your Curbside Pick-Up Schedules...
Different neighborhoods have different pick-up schedules (and colors) for recycling, yard debris, and glass/motor oil. Please refer to the Curbside Collection Calendar for your own schedule.

Co-Mingle Recycling Service...
The more we recycle, the less garbage we put into landfills! Pride customers have a great reputation for a high ratio of recycling to garbage. It's important to follow the recycling rules for your area.

  • Please go to Residential Recycling for information on containers, yard debris service and how to dispose of hazardous waste.
  • Go to the Pride Recycling Depot page for a list of additional items that can be recycled at our on-site facility.


Starting, changing, or canceling your service: Please contact our office at least 1 business day in advance of your collection day for any changes in service.

Vacations & temporary stops: If you want to put a temporary hold on your service, please contact our office to find out the options in your jurisdiction. All temporary service holds must be scheduled in advance. Vacation holds requested after the collection day will not be granted.

On-call service: On-call customers requesting a pick-up must notify our office by noon of the business day prior to your scheduled service day.

Bad weather conditions: Severe weather conditions may prevent our drivers from staying on schedule. Normally, if local school bus routes are cancelled or delayed, Pride's will be, too. We will attempt to pick up your materials the following day. If we still can't, we will pick up twice your normal service level on your next regular pick-up, at no extra cost. In the event of a service interruption caused by weather, we will provide live updates to our customers on our website and our social media pages.

Holiday Schedules:

  • Pride drivers work all holidays except Christmas and New Year's Day. During these holiday weeks, service will be one day later from the holiday through the end of the week. For example, if the holiday falls on a Thursday: Thursday customers will be picked up on Friday, Friday customers will be picked up on Saturday.
  • The Pride office is closed for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.


Pride Disposal Company offers a full line of residential hauling and special services. We're responsive and very reasonably priced. Contact our office to order any of these special services.

Pride Recycling Company also offers:

  • Document Destruction Service - schedule our shred truck to come to your home or business
  • Pride Recycling Depot - you can bring curbside recyclables (except motor oil), and many other recyclable items to our Sherwood location, including documents to shred
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