Curbside Collection Schedule
Fact: Today. Pride residential customers recycle 54% compared to the national average of 32%!

Residential Co-Mingle Recycling Service

The more we recycle, the less garbage we put into landfills! Pride customers have a great reputation for a high ratio of recycling to garbage. It’s important to follow the recycling rules for your area.

  • Go to the Pride Recycling Depot page for a list of additional items that can be recycled at our depot in Sherwood.

Roll carts, bins, and sizes: You will receive a blue lidded recycling roll cart and one red bin. If you find that you need more recycling service, contact us to have additional containers delivered.


  • Use your blue lidded recycling roll cart for co-mingled recycling.
  • Use your red bin(s) for glass bottles and jars only.
  • Place motor oil in a see through plastic jug with a screw-on lid (like a milk jug) and place beside recycling bins. Motor oil is picked up on your glass recycle day.

Easy co-mingling: Pride Disposal was the first company in this area to initiate co-mingling of recyclables. This innovative process means you no longer need to separate your recyclable materials. If it's recyclable just toss it into your bin. (No plastic bags; they clog the machinery during processing.)

Click here for information on Yard Debris Service.


Contamination: Recycling carts may not be picked up if the driver can see they are contaminated with unacceptable material. If the driver notes contamination only after emptying your cart, you may be charged a fee to remove the contamination from the truck.

Safety first! If you have ANY doubt, please call us before placing questionable items into your containers. Some materials offer extreme safety concerns for our drivers, sorters, and the environment.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events are held throughout our area on a regular basis.  Contact METRO for the next event near you (503-234-3000). 
  • There are two facilities for year-round drop-off: the Metro Central Station, 6161 NW 61st Ave., Portland; and the Metro South Station, 2001 Washington St., Oregon City.
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