Curbside Collection Schedule
Fact: More than 50% of the paper consumed in the US is recycled.

What You Can Recycle

Below is a partial list of the most common items that you can recycle at the curb, or at your apartment complex. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.



  • Shredded & mixed scrap paper (Staple lightweight scraps into a paper bag to reduce litter.)
  • Newspaper (slick inserts ok; do not tie)
  • Magazines
  • Phone books, Paperback books & Hardbound Books (detach covers & toss in with paper)
  • Cardboard(Flatten; do not tie; cut into pieces small enough to fit inside your cart)

PLASTIC: Rinse all containers before recycling.

  • Plastic bottles, with the neck/opening smaller than the base (discard lid)
  • Plastic tubs, 6 oz. or larger (no lids)
  • Milk Jugs (do not crush or flatten; no lids)
  • Rigid nursery plant pots, 4” or larger
  • Buckets, 5 gallons, or less (handles ok; no lids)

SCRAP METAL: Place all metal into the bin if it is smaller than 36” long and less than 45 lbs.

  • Tin, steel, and aluminum food cans (labels ok; no need to remove ends or flatten)
  • Aerosol cans (recycle empty cans only; discard plastic cap. For safety: do not flatten, puncture or remove nozzles)
  • Foil TV dinner trays (rinse thoroughly)
  • Pop tops

GLASS BOTTLES & JARS ON THE SIDE - Keep separate from your other recyclables. Put in your Red Bin, or any open, rigid container.

  • Rinse
  • All colors are ok
  • Labels are ok; no lids
  • NO light bulbs, broken glass, drinking glasses, ovenware, dishes, Pyrex, china, ceramics, flower vases, mirrors, window glass, etc.


  • Pour used motor oil into a see-through, 1-gallon plastic container with a screw-top lid — milk jugs work great — and place beside your other recycling containers.
  • Motor oil is always picked up on the same day as glass.
  • No antifreeze.
  • No water- or antifreeze-contaminated oil
  • No cooking oil

These items are NOT acceptable in your residential containers. Some items may be brought to our Recycling Depot in Sherwood, while others must be put in your garbage container.


  • Food-contaminated cardboard or paper (no pizza boxes)
  • Oil soaked cardboard or paper
  • Wax-coated cardboard or paper
  • Carbon paper
  • Charcoal bags
  • Disposable diapers, hygiene products
  • Fertilizer bags
  • Foil gift paper
  • Frozen food boxes, juice paper cans
  • Paper plates, cups, or bowls
  • Pet food bags
  • Photographs
  • Toilet paper, napkins, or tissues
  • Wrapping ribbons, or bows


  • Clam-shell plastics (such as deli packaging)
  • Computer disks (CDs, DVDs)
  • “Film” plastics (such as plastic bags, bubble wrap, shrinkwrap;)
  • Foam packaging materials (Styrofoam, packing peanuts, etc.)
  • Plastic seeding trays or plant pots that crinkle
  • Plastic plates, utensils, cups, or deli/baking take-out containers
  • Plastic twist-top lids, or containers less than 6 ounces
  • Toys, or oversized plastic items
  • Mylar balloons
  • Straws
  • Tape
  • TV dinner trays
  • NO containers that have ever had chemicals or other hazardous products in them (see Hazardous Waste below).

Electronic equipment contains many hazardous elements that should be kept out of our landfills. The Pride Recycling Depot in Sherwood takes computers, televisions and many other electronic items. See a list at Pride Recycling Depot.

Safety first! If you have ANY doubt, please call us before placing questionable items into your containers. Some materials create extreme safety concerns for our drivers, sorters, and the environment.

Do NOT put these in ANY of your garbage or recycling containers:

  • NO medical waste, including needles, syringes, lancets
  • NO wet paint
  • NO chemicals
  • NO oil (Place motor oil in a plastic jug with a screw-on lid and place beside recycling bins. Motor oil is picked up on your glass recycle day.)
  • NO dirt, rocks, or concrete
  • NO hot ashes

ALERT: It's against the law to discard medical waste in garbage or recycling containers.

Hazardous Waste Disposal: Free household hazardous waste collection events are held throughout our area on a regular basis.  Contact METRO for the next event near you (503-234-3000). There are also two facilities for year-round drop-off: the Metro Central Station, 6161 NW 61st Ave., Portland; and the Metro South Station, 2001 Washington St., Oregon City.

To dispose of needles and syringes contact your local pharmacy.

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