Curbside Collection Schedule
Fact: Today. Pride residential customers recycle 54% compared to the national average of 32%!

Yard Debris

Ordering service: If you would like to add yard debris service, contact our Office. 

Acceptable items include: leaves, weeds, grass clippings, and small prunings no greater than 4” in diameter, 36” in length.

Extra yard debris:  If you anticipate having large quantities of yard debris, additional Pride roll carts are available (there is a one-year commitment). You may also use heavy-duty paper bags (from your yard & garden store) or personal cans, no heavier than 60 lbs. when full, and no larger than 32 gallons. There is an additional charge for extra yard debris picked up that does not fit within your cart.

Do not use plastic bags: Plastic does not compost. If yard debris is placed in plastic bags, it may be picked up and charged as garbage.

Contamination: Yard debris carts may not be picked up if the driver can see they are contaminated with unacceptable material. If the driver notes contamination only after emptying your cart, you may be charged a contamination fee.

Common contaminants include (but are not limited to):

  • Plastic bags
  • Processed wood/lumber
  • Food
  • Garbage
  • Dirt, rocks, sod

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