Curbside Collection Schedule
Cut your Christmas tree in half, if it's taller than 5 feet.

Christmas Tree & Wreath Disposal

Disposal Options – No Fee

  • Yard Debris Roll Cart: there is no extra charge if the tree is in your yard debris cart, or we can take the tree in place of your yard debris cart
    • Cut the tree in half if it is taller than 5'
    • Remove all lights and stands
    • Flocked trees are acceptable but do not wrap in plastic; plastic does not compost
  • Wreaths on metal frames are not acceptable in the yard debris cart; place in garbage

Disposal Options – Extra Charges

  • If the tree is at the curb in addition to your yard debris cart, there will be an extra charge depending on your address
  • If your flocked tree is wrapped in plastic, it will be picked up by the solid waste truck and there will be an extra charge
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