Curbside Collection Schedule
Pride offers a range of drop box sizes for temporary or permanent use. Contact our office for rates (503-625-6177).

Drop Box Services

Pride has Drop Boxes to serve your needs. You can schedule on-going service or one-time use for special projects.

Drop Box Placement

  • Drop boxes can be placed on the street or in your driveway. If you would like the box to be placed in your driveway you will need to sign a waiver. Drop Boxes must be placed on a solid surface (ex: pavement or gravel), we do not place drop boxes in dirt or grass.
  • Once the box is placed by the Pride driver, do not move it.
  • Please specify what you will be putting in the box as there may be different charges depending on what the material is (ex: Garbage vs. Recycling).
  • Do not overload the drop box. Contents must be "water level" with the top. We have automated tarps on the trucks and nothing can be up over the top of the box.
  • Dirt, rock, sod, gravel and concrete can only be hauled in a 10-yard drop box. All boxes can be filled no further than the sides of the box. The material must be level with all sides of the box.
  • Unacceptable materials: The following items are not accepted: tires, car batteries, railroad ties, light ballasts, anything with Freon (ex: fridge, freezer, air conditioner), paint, TVs, computer monitors, chemicals or hazardous materials.
  • Asbestos: If you have asbestos containing material you must let us know at the time your drop box is ordered. Special drop boxes and handling are required for this material.
Scheduled Pickup
  • Make sure that your box is ready when it is scheduled to be hauled. If the box is blocked, overloaded, overweight; if the doors are open or not locked properly; if it has unacceptable material in it; or if it is not ready in any way when our driver arrives to haul it, you will be notified so you can correct the problem. If we are unable to contact you, the box will not be hauled and you may be charged a fee for us to return.

Drop Box Dimensions
10-Yard - heavy material only • 16 feet long
• 8 feet wide
• 2 feet high (average height of box)

20-Yard • 16 feet long
• 8 feet wide
• 5 feet high

30-Yard • 18 feet long
• 8 feet wide
• 6 feet high

40-Yard • 18 feet long
• 8 feet wide
• 7 feet high

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