Curbside Collection Schedule
Contact our office if you have any questions about this service.

On-Call Pickup Service

If you have very little garbage and don’t need a weekly pickup, our On-Call service is designed for you. On-Call service is only provided in a 32-gallon roll cart.

As an On-Call customer, scheduling a pickup is easy. You simply need to call or email us before your scheduled service day. We need to receive the request for pick up no later than 4:30 on the business day before your service day. Please be aware of holidays that may affect the lead time necessary to request a pick up. For example, our office is closed on Memorial Day, so if you are a Tuesday customer you would need to contact us before 4:30 on the Friday prior to the Tuesday pick up you would like to schedule.

Please call us or use the email form below. Contact our office for schedules & rates.

Attention "On-Call" customers

To schedule an On Call pick up you have three options

  1. Call us 503-625-6177 to request a pickup
  2. Send an e-mail to
  3. Use our automated form

ORDER: ON-CALL SERVICE (Fill in blanks below and send to Pride Disposal.)

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