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Temporary Containers

Pride has 3-yard and 4-yard temporary containers — about the size of a small pick-up truck but taller — ideal for home clean-up projects. Contact us for pricing.

  • 3-Yard Temporary Container – holds approximately (21) 32 gallon bags of trash. Dimensions are approximate:
  • 4' high
  • 3.5' deep
  • 6' wide
  • 4-Yard Temporary Container – holds approximately (28) 32 gallon bags of trash. Dimensions are approximate:
  • 4.5' high
  • 4.5' deep
  • 6' wide

Important information regarding construction, demolition, and remodeling debris:

  • If you are putting any of the following materials in the drop box, you must obtain an asbestos survey before ordering your box:
  • Ceiling and walls:  acoustic tiles, plaster, “popcorn” texture
  • Flooring: vinyl tiles (9” x 9”, 12” x 12”) and sheet vinyl
  • Insulation/fireproofing: spray-applied, vermiculite, monokote, thermal system insulation (TSI), block, boiler and spray-applied sink undercoating
  • Exterior walls: cement siding shingles (Transite/CAB)
  • Heating: White TSI paper that is complete wrap or seam tape on ducting, air-duct cement and insulation
  • Fire doors, fire/kiln brick and fireproofing
  • Surface materials for interior wall and ceiling systems: textured surfacing material that covers the entire surface of the wall and/or ceiling system such as trowel-applied and skim or brown coats
  • Stucco
  • Gaskets: furnace, mechanical (not automotive), boiler, and wood stove
  • Roofing materials: composition roofing, tar paper, felt, silver/white roofing paint, Nicolite paper (white paper used under cedar shingles and parapet metal siding)
  • Various compounds: window glazing, adhesives, caulks, patching, mastics, and vapor barrier products (plastic or polyethylene synthetic materials such as “Tyvek” are exempt from testing)
  • Electrical: switch gear, circuit boxes and fuse panels from industrial applications and some residential applications; wiring with cloth insulation (Wiring commonly referred to as Romex is exempt)

Find a list of labs that perform this testing.

Unacceptable materials: The following items are not accepted in any temporary containers: dirt, rock, sod, gravel, concrete, tires, car batteries, railroad ties, light ballasts, anything with Freon (ex: fridge, freezer, air conditioner), paint, asbestos, TVs, computer monitors, chemicals or hazardous materials.

Do not overload the container. The lids must be able to close flush with the top of the container.  If the container is blocked, overloaded, or if it contains unacceptable material you will be notified so you can correct the problem. 

Do not move the container. We will discuss placement with you at the time you order the container. If you need the container moved please contact our office. Do not move the container yourself. If the container is damaged by the customer you may be charged for repairs. 

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